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About Feeling Free, Boundaries & Awareness

Read here how we understand awareness and what it takes collectively to create a place where everyone can feel comfortable.

Every year, the Detect Classic Festival becomes the temporary home of our guests, artists and contributors. A home is there to make you feel at home.

Everyone should have this feeling with us.

We want people to find each other through music, regardless of origin, gender or religion.

Everyone - regardless of age - is welcome at the Detect Classic Festival.

This means that our festival sees itself as a space where everyone can express themselves. And if they feel safe, they have the opportunity to discover new things and break out.

Those who express themselves want and should be free. But your own freedom always ends where that of others begins. Freedom therefore goes hand in hand with a certain degree of responsibility. Especially when dealing with other people and nature. That's why we also have a few rules that everyone must adhere to equally: We respect boundaries, accept freedom, are sensitive and emphatic, learn from each other and look out for each other.

No means no. And only yes means yes.

However, if boundaries are crossed, if you feel harassed, discriminated against or simply uncomfortable, or if you experience such behaviour from others, our awareness team is there for you around the clock. It listens, offers support if required and focuses on making the space safer again for those affected. Specifically in cases of sexualised assaults or other forms of discrimination. In such cases, a ban from the premises is also a possible consequence.

There is an awareness contact point in the form of a tent on our premises. You will find it in a quiet area near the food court and kids' floor. There is also a permanently integrated awareness room in the production building.

You can find out exactly where you can find us on the grounds of Schloss Bröllin from the notices and signs on site and in the programme booklet. You can also find us on every floor, at every bar and from every person with a radio.

You can recognise the awareness team by the purple shirts (with AWARENESS lettering), the orange fanny packs and, at night, by the fairy lights.

You can always talk to us.

If you have any suggestions or questions before, during or after the festival, please write to us at

We look forward to seeing you.